Dana Home, situated in the serene and lush neighborhood of Niavaran, Tehran, boasts an area of 87 square meters. Despite its compact size, this house offers ample functionality, featuring a spacious kitchen that fulfills all essential needs, complemented by two double bedrooms, two toilets, and a bathroom, catering to the residents’ requirements. Moreover, the property offers captivating panoramic views of the Alborz mountain range, providing a visually enchanting backdrop.

This architectural masterpiece places special emphasis on design, seamlessly blending the kitchen with a dynamic living space. White, wild-patterned stones combined with glossy red cabinets against a dark blue accent wall create a dynamically balanced interior. Additionally, the incorporation of greenery and plant accents add a refreshing touch to the overall aesthetic.

Basalt stone walls, illuminated with pinpoint lighting, contribute to the creation of a beautiful and artistic workspace environment. The space embodies a harmonious blend of minimalist and contemporary design concepts, born from the architect’s creative vision.

Dana Home is equipped with an Apple smart system, enabling voice commands for music playback and radio selection, offering homeowners seamless control over their environment.