Bahman Mohasses
1931 - 2010

Bahman Mohasses

PAINTER, sculptor

Bahman Mohasses, a celebrated Iranian painter and sculptor, leaves a profound legacy in the art world. Known for his avant-garde style and often called the “Persian Picasso,” Mohasses’ work is characterized by its existential themes and bold, evocative imagery.

Born in 1931 in Rasht, Iran, Bahman Mohasses showed an early interest in art. Growing up in a culturally rich environment, he was influenced by both Persian artistic traditions and Western art movements. His formative years were marked by a keen exploration of various artistic mediums, setting the foundation for his diverse artistic expressions.

1960 - 1980


Untitled - 1966 Oil on canvas 84 x 63cm
lazy days by the Caspian Sea - 1966 Oil on canvas
Untitled (From the Jet Society Lady Series) - 1978 Oil on canvas cardboard 80 X 100cm
Untitled - 1966 Oil on canvas 100 x 70cm
1965 - 1980


Untitled - 1981 Oil on canvas cardboard 50 x 39,5cm
Minotauro - 1966 Oil on canvas 70 x 50cm
1969 - 1980

Still Life of a Fish

UNTITLED - 1970 Oil on canvas 50 x 70cm​
Still Life - 1969 Oil on canvas 65 X 100cm​
Untitled (Still Life) - 1965 oil on canvas 48.5 x 35cm
Untitled - 1969 Oil on fiberboard 100 X 70cm

Mohasses’ career took off in the 1950s and 1960s, a period marked by rapid social and cultural changes in Iran. His work, often reflecting a sense of alienation and despair, resonated with the intellectual climate of the time. He held several exhibitions in Tehran and abroad, gaining recognition for his unique style. Notably, his sculptures and paintings often featured distorted human figures, reflecting the tumultuous socio-political landscape.

Mohasses was known for his reclusive and enigmatic personality. He spent much of his life moving between Iran, Italy, and other countries. His personal life, though private, was as complex and layered as his art. He was openly gay, a fact that influenced both his life and work, especially given the conservative context of his home country.

1968 - 1979


Bahman Mohasses
Les Amants (The Lovers) bronze 57 X 97 X 37cm
Bahman Mohasses
height: 12cm
Bahman Mohasses
Faun Musician - 1971 bronze 26 X 10 X 14cm

Bahman Mohasses passed away in 2010 in Rome, Italy. His death marked the end of an era in Iranian art. Today, he is remembered for his profound impact on modern Iranian art and his fearless exploration of challenging themes. His works continue to inspire artists and art enthusiasts alike, ensuring his legacy endures.